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The Second Trauma documentary screening

Doors open at 6:30. Film rolls at 7:00. Hundreds have registered.

This 25-minute documentary shows the effects of episodic gun violence reporting on survivors and co-victims. The documentary offers solutions on how we can do better to shift the narrative to a public health focus and give power back to the community to advocate for their safety. Conversations with the cast and crew will follow the screening.

Young, Unhoused and Unseen

Listen to our new podcast on youth homelessness

Teens in group homes, moms in shelters, and LGBTQ youth sleeping on streets: These are some of the faces of young people experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. The city is putting roughly $8 million toward ending the problem. “Young, Unhoused, and Unseen” examines youth homelessness in Philadelphia and solutions to end it.


Playing Fields Not Killing Fields: Can Sports Be the Answer?

Read our recent reporting on sports and gun violence

The Logan Center and Temple University’s Claire Smith Center for Sports Media, in partnership with The Philadelphia Inquirer, have launched a multimedia series examining the state of North Philadelphia’s recreational facilities and youth sports programs and whether investing in them should be a cornerstone anti-violence strategy for City Hall.

About the Logan Center

Klein College of Media and Communication launched the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Center for Urban Investigative Reporting in the summer of 2021 thanks to a $1.2 million founding grant from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation of Berkeley, California. The Center focuses exclusively on the issues facing Philadelphia and other large American cities such as gun violence, economic inequality, education and health disparities, crumbling infrastructure and eroding trust in institutions. Through the Logan Center, Klein students and faculty report not only on these problems, but on potential solutions, closely examining what has worked well in other cities across the nation and the globe.