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Stop and Frisk: Revisit or Resist

A collaboration with WHYY News

Gun violence in Philadelphia has reached a boiling point. Politicians, police and community members are searching for ways to curb the staggering statistics.

City Council President Darrell Clarke proposed Stop and Frisk as a potential solution in the summer of 2022. Could beefing up this controversial police tactic help keep Philly safe? Stop and Frisk: Revisit or Resist explores diverse perspectives and solutions to the city’s gun violence crisis. The five-episode podcast is a production of WHYY News and Temple University’s Logan Center for Urban Investigative Reporting.

  • Executive Producer: Sarah Glover, WHYY VP of News and Civic Dialogue
  • Co-Host/Producer: Yvonne Latty, Director of Temple’s Logan Center
  • Co-Host/Producer: Sammy Caiola, WHYY Gun Prevention Reporter
  • Editor: Jordan Gass-Poore
  • Music: Emir Matouk
  • Engineers: Al Banks, Diana Martinez & Tina Kalakay
  • Production Assistants: Nathaly Suquinaqua, Brian Mengini, & Edith Mwangi, Tina Kalakay
  • Logan Center Social Media Producer: Allison Beck