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Educational Disparities in Philadelphia

A collaboration with Billy Penn at WHYY

An investigation of symptoms, root causes, and potential solutions

Philadelphia has one of the most underfunded school districts in Pennsylvania, especially compared to some of its suburban neighbors. But there are also huge differences among the city’s own public education institutions, even while operating out of the very same district, and COVID has exacerbated the imbalance. A team of Temple students and a recent alum, have produced a series of stories highlighting some of the problems and solutions in the schools. From the lack of crossing guards on a busy North Philly Street to a special education program that works, this team led by Billy Penn Director, Danya Henninger, Logan Center Director, Yvonne Latty and with our Data Editor, Colin Evans, playing a key role, has held community meetings, spent time on street corners , recreation centers and with principals, teachers and parents to dig deep and give voice to Philadelphians who lives and very futures depend on what goes on in these buildings.

A playground in front of Southwark School in South Philadelphia. Photo by Nathan Morris/BillyPenn

Additional Core Team Members

Danya Henninger

Director, Billy Penn

Elizabeth Deornellas

Reporter, Graduate Journalism student

Eden MacDougall

Reporter, Undergraduate Journalism alumni, Class of 2022

Fallon Roth

Reporter, Undergraduate Journalism student

Edith Mwangi

Reporter, Graduate Journalism student